Over the last ten years of OTS Conferences we have witnessed the evolution of object technology into all pervasive, supporting technology throughout the IT industry, providing an infrastructure for advances in many areas addressed by IS developers, especially those related to distributed component systems, integration of heterogeneous information solutions, pervasive computing and business-to-business automation. Fortunately, COT as well as many Slovenian companies had recognized the importance of object technology early enough to use the opportunities for shaping the future and becoming successful players in these fields.

By joint efforts of Slovenian academia and industry we have efficiently addressed the unsolved challenge - how to take advantages of emerging standards, technology trends, developments tools, infrastructure solutions and supplement them by suitable process models and project management techniques that result in advanced information systems. In addition to recent technical developments, the focus of this year's conference will be on practical experiences with service-oriented architectures, agile development methodologies and business process orchestration.

On behalf of the COT ( Center of Excellence for Advanced Information Technologies and Services) I would like to invite you to participate at the 10th Conference OTS'2005!

We are looking forward to your submissions and to meeting you in Maribor !

Prof. Dr. Marjan Heričko
OTS Conference Chairman

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