Predkonfernčni seminar - UML 2.0
17. junij 2003
Inštitut za informatiko, II-410



9:00 - 13:00
An Overview of UML 2.0

In September 2000, the Object Management Group-the industrial consortium that controls the UML standard-issued a request for proposal for the first major revision of UML, UML 2.0. This half-day tutorial covers the salient aspects of UML 2.0-from the perspective of one of its primary authors. The following specific areas are covered:

  • A general and critical discussion of the effectiveness of modeling
    techniques in software
  • A critical review of the original UML standard based on the lessons
    learned from its application as well as from theoretical studies
  • The formal and informal requirements that drove the new version of
    UML (this includes an introduction to model-driven development methods)
  • The overall structure and design philosophy behind UML 2.0
  • The conceptual foundation, or "infrastructure", used to define the
    UML modeling concepts and their semantics
  • New modeling capabilities for rendering software structures such as
    those required for specifying software architectures
  • New modeling capabilities for describing complex behavior of
    individual objects and groups of collaborating objects
  • Changes to existing UML concepts
  • The application of UML 2.0 in model-driven software development
    methods based on executable models and the use of automatic code generation

Each of these is illustrated extensively with numerous practical examples.

14:00 - 18:00
The Real-Time UML Standard: Theory and Practice

This half-day tutorial describes the recently-adopted real-time UML standard. First, a critical overview of UML is provided - from the perspective of an embedded system developer. The salient features of the standard are described next: modeling of resources and quality of service,
time and timing mechanisms (clocks, timers), and concurrency and concurrency management mechanisms (threads, schedulers, mutual exclusion devices). We also show, using practical examples, how UML models based on the standard can be analyzed to predict key real-time properties (e.g., response times, schedulability). Finally, a development process that exploits these capabilities is outlined.


  • 48.000 SIT (DDV vključen).
  • Za udeležence konference OTS'2003 priznamo 50% popust. Cena s popustom je 24.000 SIT (DDV vključen).


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UM FERI Maribor,
ga. Regina Stajnko
Smetanova ulica 17,
2000 Maribor

About speaker

Bran Selic

Bran Selic is Principal Engineer at IBM – the Rational Software Group and an adjunct professor of computer science at Carleton University. He has over 30 years of experience in industry in the design and development of large real-time systems. He is the principal author of a popular book that pioneered the application of object technology and model-driven development methods in real-time applications. From 1996 onwards, he has participated in the definition of the UML standard and its standard real-time UML profile. Mr. Selic received his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a Master’s degree in systems theory from the University of Belgrade in 1972 and 1974 respectively. He has been living and working in Canada since 1977.


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